Shakyamuni Buddha

Sangye refers to the one who has to awaken (sang) from the deep sleep of ignorance, and whose mind has blossomed (gye) like a lotus flower to the knowledge of all things. Through one's remaining in nondual awareness, the qualities of enlightenment are revealed, although in reality, there is nothing to adopt and nothing to purify in the true nature of mind. As Accomplished of Wisdom says:

“Clear luminous mind itself

Is the essence of the three mandalas

Having understood this, pay single-minded attention,

And the supreme fruition will be attained.”

A Buddha is a fully awakened, fully evolved being and a perfect teacher of enlightenment to humans and gods. Shakyamuni Buddha's perfect wisdom experiences the exact nature of reality, whereas their perfect compassion embodies the will to others' happiness. A buddha is both human and divine. He is the adamantine embodiment of the ultimate freedom that is omnipresent as all forms of love and goodness, within this relative reality.

Shakyamuni Buddha


Buddha is not a Creator. Evil is comprised of the bad habits of oneself and others, rooted in a misconception of reality, and misunderstanding of the self as the absolute, self-sufficient, and ultimately estranged entity. Such conceptions only lead us towards greed and hate. They ultimately cause evolutionary misdeeds, such as stealing and killing, which are the real causes of suffering. Evil is merely suffering, and good is happiness. The purpose of life is to get rid of all suffering and find real happiness. The Bodhisattvas also help us attain this, as they are Buddhas who remained in the realm of the mortals and delayed their own elevation to a higher consciousness so that the sentient beings could benefit from it. 

 A buddha has three bodies - the body of Truth, Beatitude, and Emanation. Among the three bodies, the truth body (Dharmakaya) is reality worn as a body that shows absolute fulfillment. The beatific body (Sambhogkaya) is the bliss that results from fulfillment. The emanation body (Nirmanakaya) emerges from that union of wisdom and bliss and leads the beings who are suffering into a field of happiness. The emanation body is the living Buddha art, which is inspired by the buddhas' loving will to lift beings out of their mundaneness and to help them in their spiritual fulfillment.




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