Vajrakilaya Thangka, Natural Stone Color, 24K Gold Tibetan Thangka Painting, Karma Gadri

Vajrakilaya Thangka Painting, Tibetan Thangka in 24K Gold

When the Buddha settled under the Bodhi Tree, determined not to rise until he had attained awakening, no sooner had Guru Padmasambhava settled down to practice with his consort than they were beset by powerful demons. These forces plunged the whole country into a state of famine, plague, and chaos. For three years, these forces put a stop to the rains, so that famine, disease, and suffering spread like wildfire throughout India, Nepal, and Tibet, killing humans and livestock alike. These were desperate times for the region, and indeed is often said that the more profound the practice, the more menacing the obstacles

Guru Padmasambhava used the practice of Vajrakilaya to bring down troublesome spirits and bind them to his command, not only here at Yanglesho and Asura but elsewhere throughout Nepal, India, and Tibet. Vajrakilaya is the ideal protection against any such obstacles.


When hearing the priceless teachings of the Dharma,

your body shines with a dazzling radiance of light.

In your right hand are volumes of the tripitaka,

in your left, the texts of Kilaya.

All these profound teachings have infused your mind,

O Pandita of Yangleshö.

With your compassion, inspire us with your blessing!

With your love, guide us and others along the path!

With your realization, grant us siddhis!

With your power, dispel the obstacles facing us all!

Outer obstacles, dispel them externally;

inner obstacles, dispel them internally

secret obstacles, dispel them into space!

In devotion, I pay homage and take refuge in you!

The Vajrakilaya thangka painting is a recent addition to our collection, made for the practitioner. It is done using natural stone colors. The soft and soothing tones used in this thangka will help you to focus your concentration while meditating.

Another important benefit of stone colors is that they tend to last for generations. So, this Vajrakilaya thangka can guide you in your everyday practice and help you transform. 
Size: 9"/22 cm (width) x 13"/33 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Stone colors, Genuine 24K Gold
It was painted at Images of Enlightenment Studio, which is located near the Bouddhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal. In our Studio, we paint only with genuine 24K gold and never use any gold substitute.
Please note that this thangka is not mounted in a traditional Tibetan silk brocade.
Please allow 3 additional business days if you request this service.
We ship from Kathmandu, Nepal.
We use standard couriers DHL: traceable, reliable, and fast.
We don't offer economic shipping.
Please do allow about 4-10 business days for delivery.
All items should be insured.
Return Policy:
If you're not satisfied with this thangka, returns are accepted within 14 business days.
You can ship it either to Nepal or to Texas, whichever works better for you.
We will be more than happy to answer all your questions about this beautiful thangka.

May everything be auspicious!

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