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Goddess Parvati Idol Statue for Zen Room Decor

This is a copper made idol statue of goddess Parvati that has an attractive old-fashioned look.

Each detail of this magnificent statue has delightful etching details. The benevolent stance, her flexible curves, modest slant of the head and generous gestures of the arms and legs. Her simplicity and beauty speaks in her adornments as well. her elegant bracelets and earrings accentuate her elegant charm. It is ideal for antique decorations for indoor and outdoor decor spaces and homes and temples. This goddess Parvati icon is a unique gift idol.

Parvati is the goddess of fruitfulness, love and dedication; and furthermore assurance. She is the animating force that brings skill, power, prowess, and genius while she infuses the world with her magic.


Size: 23cm(Height) X 23cm(Base)