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Green Tara, Tibetan Tara Thangka hand painted in natural stone colors

Green Tara stretches out her right foot and is believed to be ready to step down and help anyone calling upon her name or her mantra. She reaches out to all to grant their wishes. As she is one of the most revered deities of Tibetan Buddhism, she is also regarded as the first emancipated woman.
According to Buddha's teaching, these eight great fears can be understood at several levels. For example, one fear is known as the fear of elephants. So, at the outer level, this is the real fear of being harmed by a wild elephant. At the inner level, the elephant symbolizes ignorance, so this is the fear of the mental obscuration of ignorance and the sufferings we bring on ourselves and others through acting under the influence of ignorance. We won't go into each of the fears here because the details will be found in the commentary on Sengdeng Nagchi Drölma, the ninth Tara. Fears that afflict beings exist both externally and inwardly. We can tell by reading the Buddha's teachings that human beings' fears were no different in ancient times than they are in our modern times. Tara's enlightened activity has the potential to protect human beings who connect with her practice from all fears and the causes of these fears.
Green Tara (in Tibetan: drol ma jang ku) is considered to be a tear from the form of 1000 armed Chenrezig, according to the apocryphal text called the Mani Kabum of the Tibetan Tradition. Her ten syllable mantra and the short tantra text called 'Twenty-one praises of Tara' spoken by the Buddha Samantabhadra are practiced in all classes of Tantra tradition including the Nyingma and Sarma.
Her primary activity is to protect the sentient beings from the perils of eight and sixteen different fears. She is a completely enlightened Buddha and appears in the form of a female Bodhisattva. Her practices are profoundly exercised in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
Size: 6.5"/16 cm (width) x 9"/22 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Stone colors, Genuine 24K Gold
This treasure thangka will be a great gift for a Buddhist practitioner like you!
It is painted at Enlightenment Studio, which is located near the Boudha Stupa.
-Not mounted on a traditional brocade
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