Machig Labdron, The Chod Practice, Tibetan Thangka

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Tibetan Thangka of Machig Labdron, The Chod Tradition

A beautifully painted Machig Labdron thangka from our studio. We have done the Yogini thangka in a traditional Karma Gadri style. She stands graciously in her dancing postures against a surreal background. There are high mountains, rivers, waterfalls, trees, and bushes, adding charm to the backdrop, to support your meditation practice. There is mother Prajna Paramita on the top corner and two tantric practicing their enlightened activities on the bottom. 

The specialness of Chod

“Machig-la, in what ways is this dharma system of yours, this Chod, more profound and significant than other teachings?”

“Listen, son. My dharma system, Mahamudra Chod, is much better than other teachings. Its meaning of crucial significance is very profound. It is an uncommon, distinctive dharma doctrine, teaching of esoteric instruction, unlike the others. This teaching is the marrow of all religions, the pinnacle of all vehicles, the most sublime essence of all sutra and tantra rolled into one. The teaching that liberates the four devils in their own ground is the supreme method to forcefully eliminate the five poisons. It is the ax that cuts the roots of the green tree of ego-fixation. It is the army that decisively averts the battle of cyclic existence. It is the force that conquers the eighty thousand kinds of obstructing forces. It is good medicine that overcomes 404 kinds of disease. It does not come to fruition at a much later time; rather it is an instruction for complete awakening in one life and in one body. Unlike any other dharma system, this Sacred Dharma Chod is this yoginı’s special teaching."

Her body is white as a conch shell, with one face and two hands. Her right-hand plays a golden drum in the sky, the left supports a silver bell at her hip. Her three eyes gaze into space. Her hair is bound atop her head, the rest flowing free down her back. Her naked body is adorned with bones and jewels, With her right leg flexed and the left straight—she dances.

Size: 14"/36 cm (width) x 20"/50 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylics Colors, Genuine 24K Gold

This inspiring Buddhist art will be a great gift for a practitioner like you!

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