Ritual Dagger

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Showing 1 - 24 of 77 products
Copper Ritual Dagger
Tibetan Crystal Phurba
The Phurba
Tibetan Phurba Dagger
Tibetan Hand Axe
Tibetan Hand Axe | Traditional Decorative Weapon
Sale price$1,135.00
65cm x 23.5cm +1
Metal Khatvanga Axe
Ritual Dagger Phurba
Gold Phurba Dagger
Decorative Tibetan Knife
Tibetan Ceremonial Knife | Traditional Buddhist Artifact
Kila Phurba Dagger
Traditional Tibet Knife
Cultural Tibetan Iron Phurba
Ceremonial Ritual Dagger with Stand
Iron Kartika Knife
Iron Oxidized Kartika Knife | Tibetan Buddhist Ceremonial Knife
Tibetan Iron Phurba on Stand
Iron Phurba Dagger with Stand | Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Practice
 Buddhist Kila Dagger
Buddhist Kila Dagger | 24K Gold Plated Phurba
Sale price$1,850.00
45cm x 6cm +1
Tibetan Ceremonial Dagger
Phurba Mantra Practice Dagger
Phurba with Display Stand