Whoever renders an outstanding representation of the Buddha-a likeness that brings joy to all who behold it-from their finest jewelry, or commissions one fashioned from the finest gold, silver, or sandalwood, molded in clay, or carved upon rock or in wood, will, before too long, come to acquire the finest of concentration.

The King of Concentrations Sutra

For the Practitioner

If you are looking for a Thangka that will inspire your practice and devotion, help your concentration, and make it easier to focus on your visualization, then you have come to the right place. Our thangkas have all the correct emblems, attributes and iconography whilst corresponding to your Sadhana or meditation guideline.

"Sacred art is not just a representation of symbols and ideas. It is a direct experience of inner peace, free from attachment to the illusory solidity of the ego and the phenomenal world."

Boudha  Stupa

Within Thangka painting tradition, it is utmost important to have a transmission of skills, knowledge and technique from a qualified master. It has a rich history of practices over 400 years and it has developed as a complete art of school. There is unique science, pattern and style of drawing lines, brush strokes and applying colors. The application of gold from where to whom and finely attuning the body of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Dharmapala and icons.

From how to draw Buddha eyes to what implements the protectors hold, or even the hand gesture of mother Tara - everything is defined and has a distinct style. And perhaps this is the beauty of Thangka painting, where you spend years learning and mastering the skills under the qualified master.

"Just as Sumeru is foremost among the mountains,

Just as the Ganga is foremost among the rivers,

Just as the Sun is foremost among the celestial bodies,

Just as the Garuda is the king of birds,

Just as Indra is the foremost among gods

So is painting the foremost among the skills"

Thangka Teacher
Stone colors

To become a qualified Thangka artist yourself, it takes minimum six to nine years, given the rigorous everyday practice for eight to ten hours. We ourselves have often drawn about a thousand times merely to master a single line.

In our twenty year journey as an art institute, we have evolved tremendously. Each year we have seen our style and technique grow richer, more delicate and balanced.

24k Gold for thangka Painting
Enlightenment studio                     

We have been fortunate enough to come across our wonderful teacher, the Venerable Master Jamyang Phunstok, a Kharma Gadri specialist of Tibetan thangka painting. His lineage goes back to the great Karma Gadri artist Thanglha Tsewang of Palpung Monastery, Kham, Eastern Tibet. His guidance and knowledge has guided our team in creating meaningful traditional Thangka for the Vajrayana practitioners.

As an accomplished artist, you may be well aware of the way a single brush stroke can create a huge impact, from a graceful posture to a rigid, stiff iconography. The missing of a Vajra from a visualization deity can make our whole experience of meditation feel incomplete. Likewise, a contrasting landscape that doesn’t go along with peaceful deities such as Vajrasattava, Medicine Buddha, or Tara can make our visual practice session less pleasant. Therefore, we focus on nothing but the absolute precision in our thangkas.

stone color for thangka painting

At Enlightenment we are focused on making Vajrayana art forms that are helpful in your practice. We dedicate ourselves in making enlightened images of Vajrayana deities for the practitioner.

We take joy, happiness and honor in creating treasured images of Vajrayana deity that would help you on your path to transformation - images which protect, cultivate and enhance the final goal of enlightenment in your precious human life.