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Showing 1 - 24 of 117 products
Vajra Handle Bell Set
Copper Vajra Bell Set
Tibetan Vajra Bell Set | Decorative Enhancements for Meditation Altars
Tibetan Vajra and Bell
Crystal Vajra with Stand
Tibetan Dorje and Drilbu
Tibetan Resin Vajra
Double Sided Vajra
Five Pronged Vajra
Brass Vajra Tibetan
Bell and Vajra Set
Tibetan Buddhist Symbol Vajra
Copper Tibet Vajra
Copper Tibet Vajra | Thunderbolt from Nepal
Sale price$225.00
5.5cm x 19cm +1
 Tibetan Amulet Vajra
Save $87.00
Tibetan dorje vajra
Tibetan Dorje Vajra | Symbol of Spiritual Power and Enlightenment
Sale price$493.00 Regular price$580.00
9cm x 26cm +1
Double Vajra Symbol
Bronze Bell and Vajra
dharma wear bell and vajra
Vajra With Wooden Stand