Step into our Thangka Studio, where creativity knows no bounds! Get ready for an exciting artistic adventure as we explore the captivating realm of Thangka painting. With our skilled instructors by your side, you'll unleash your inner artist, discover hidden talents, and create masterpieces that will make your heart sing. Join us and let the artistic magic unfold in our vibrant and welcoming studio. Get ready to paint, and embrace the joy of creation!


  1. Introduction/Process of making Thangka (About Thangka and Canvas Making).
  2. Measurement (Canvas Size/Deity Size).
  3. Scenery (Background of the Thangka).
  4. Shading (Sky, land, rivers).
  5. Coloring (Deity Coloring, Pema; flowers, color composition, mixing and color tone).
  6. Deity Measurement after coloring (Kunche/Che, Body shaping, outlining, robes, jewels).
  7. Gold Work (Adds aesthetic value to the thangka paintings).
  8. Final Face & Eye Opening.

Buddha Body Iconography (Math of Measurements)

Time: 1 Month

: Learn to draw Buddha with its correct
iconography and measurement.

  • Pencil Sketch
  • Math of measurement
  • Iconography Graph

Scenery (Backgroud of the Thangka)

Time: 1 month

: Placing the deity in the
right position and composing a suitable background to bring the painting to life.

  • Composing a suitable scenario for your painting
  • Placing the deity in the right

Shading& Coloring

Time: 1 month

Objective: The crucial part of a thangka painting is to choose the right color to paint and shade the deity that adds life to them.

  • Coloring: It helps the student to learn the right method to choose the color for the deity
  • Shading: Adds depth to the thangka painting


 Finishing & Outline(Che):

Time: 3 months

Objective: Finish your thangka by adding further details
like ornaments and jewels, natures, etc., and bring them the sharpness to please the eye.

  • Finishing: Helps add further detailing to your beautiful thangka painting.
  • Outlining: Brings sharpness to your thangka painting by drawing the outlines of the background elements and the robe of the deity with brush


 Eye-Opening(Chenche) & Further Shaping the deity(Kunche)

Time: 3 months

Objective: The most crucial part of a thangka painter is his imagination finally comes to life as he opens the eye of the deity and adds sharpness to his body.

  • Eye-Opening:  Adding the final touch to the deity. Last Part of the thangka painting process.
  • Kunche: This step is to outline your deity in specific by brush.


Gold Work

Time: 3 months

"The student needs to pay for the amount of gold they use. The price shall vary with the current gold price."

Gold Work adds
contrast and richness to emphasize the thangka and gives the overall beauty and impact of the artwork.

  • Helps Accentuate the look of the thangka
  • Adds aesthetic value to the thangka paintings.