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Original Thangka Collection

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Natural Mineral Colors
Heruka Vajrakilaya Thangka | Wrathful Deity Yab Yum Art
Natural Mineral Colors
Saraswati Divine Grace Thangka | Hand-painted Goddess Art

Why Enlightenment ?

If you are looking for a Tibetan Thangka that inspires your spiritual practice, our thangka have all the correct emblems, attributes and iconography. They correspond with your meditation guidelines.
At Enlightenment we try to bring out the authentic Vajrayana paintings that are helpful in your practice. We paint enlightened images of Vajrayana deities for the practitioner. We hope our Thangka and Thangka prints will guide you on your path to transformation, to protect, cultivate and enhance the final goal of enlightenment in this precious human life.
May our thangka be your perfect friend !

Our Private Collection: Exclusive Enlightenment Thangka

You are looking at the original series of exclusive thangka from our Enlightenment Studio, our most recent accomplishments. Each thangka is a unique fusion of traditional Tibetan symbolism and artistic innovation, very carefully created masterpiece to inspire your spiritual self. The utmost attentions to the intricate details in drawing, experiments with the shades of natural colors and the most refined form of 24K gold is what each thangka reflects.

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Buddha: Unveiling Enlightened Ones

Embark on this wonderful journey of profound Enlightenment with our exclusive collection of Hand-painted Buddha Thangka. Each thangka narrates the essential qualities of the Enlightened ones: Compassion and Wisdom.
Our Unique collection of Shakyamuni thangka to guide you, and inspire you towards a spiritual path of self discovery.

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A Mystical Vajrayogini Thangka

Explore our Dakini thangka collection to witness the accurate iconography mixed with the perfect blend of artistic creativity and traditional precision. Each Dakini of this collection illuminates a divine feminine energy, helping you to reach Enlightenment through Art


Bhava-Chakra: Wheel of Life Thangka

A complex mandala that portrays the circle of existence, a widely popular thangka, that incorporates all the important topics of Buddhism such as the four Noble Truths, the origin and causes of sufferings, the cyclic phenomenon of our existence, impermanence and more.

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Tibetan Thangka Painting - Vajrayana Art

"The Tibetan Buddhist art form of thangka painting is a visual and symbolic representation of the spiritual deities which are utilized on the path to enlightenment. Because of the great significance of this art form it is important that the artists portraying the figures have the right motivation, have good ethical and moral values, be artistically creative enough to depict forms in a manner befitting their spiritual significance, and be able to clearly convey these values to the initiated and uninitiated alike."

Tibetan Thangka is not just another style of painting to look at, but rather as a means to enhance our own contemplative practice-to deepen the practices of mindfulness and meditation. It is also not just a representation of symbols and ideas. It is a direct experience of inner peace, free from attachment to the illusionary solidity of the ego and the phenomenal world. We at Enlightenment strive to maintain the above-mentioned values passed down by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. And while committed to the preservation and promotion of classical Tibetan thangka painting, we feel there is still space for the artistic creativity which will add to the richness of the tradition and enhance the spiritual quest of the Vajrayana practitioners.

Consecration of Thangka at Enlightenment

Enlightenment Thangka has acknowledged the relevance of the consecration procedure as a sanctuary for traditional Thangka art. We respect the essence of the art form and its relationship to the divine by fusing artistic genius with spiritual dedication. At the Enlightenment Thangka, the consecration procedure entails a precisely planned set of rituals and ceremonies, with each step infused with symbolism and importance. As requested for consecration/ blessing, we can take the respective thangka to Monasteries/ Rinpoches from nearby holy Boudha Stupa.

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