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"The Tibetan Buddhist art form of thangka painting is a visual and symbolic representation of the spiritual deities which are utilized on the path to enlightenment. Because of the great significance of this art form it is important that the artists portraying the figures have the right motivation, have good ethical and moral values, be artistically creative enough to depict forms in a manner befitting their spiritual significance, and be able to clearly convey these values to the initiated and uninitiated alike."

Tibetan Thangka is not just another style of painting to look at, but rather as a means to enhance our own contemplative practice-to deepen the practices of mindfulness and meditation. It is also not just a representation of symbols and ideas. It is a direct experience of inner peace, free from attachment to the illusionary solidity of the ego and the phenomenal world. We at Enlightenment strive to maintain the above-mentioned values passed down by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. And while committed to the preservation and promotion of classical Tibetan thangka painting, we feel there is still space for the artistic creativity which will add to the richness of the tradition and enhance the spiritual quest of the Vajrayana practitioners.

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Why Enlightenment ?

If you are looking for a Tibetan Thangka that inspires your spiritual practice, our thangka have all the correct emblems, attributes and iconography. They correspond with your meditation guidelines.
At Enlightenment we try to bring out the authentic Vajrayana paintings that are helpful in your practice. We paint enlightened images of Vajrayana deities for the practitioner. We hope our Thangka and Thangka prints will guide you on your path to transformation, to protect, cultivate and enhance the final goal of enlightenment in this precious human life.
May our thangka be your perfect friend !

The Compassion Deity, Chenrezig/Avalokiteshvara

Each syllable of his mantra OM MANE PADME HUNG

is directed towards a specific realm.

OM     White        Gods

MA      Green       Demigods

NI        Yellow      Humans

PAD     Blue         Animals

ME       Red         Pretas

HUM    Black       Hell-beings

When we recite the mantra, we visualize the colored light radiating towards all beings in each realm. These lights pacify our particular suffering and guide us to the path to liberation. Mantras work on several different levels. On the most basic vibrational level, they derive their power from their very sound.

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