Anyone who commissions and anyone who actually draws the perfect form of supreme merit upon a wall, both will attain Enlightenment.

The White Lotus Sutra

Our Commissioned Work
Goma Devi Thangka

Gomadevi, The Wisdom Dakini

When we were firstly approached for painting Gomadevi as a commissioned thangka, the feeling was honestly overwhelming. With the set of strict instructions on the attributes, colors and expression, it surely seemed a challenging task. Sambhogkaya Guhyajnama as the center deity in her chest, surrounded by other six Dakinis. Each adorned by different colors and the set of peculiar attributes and gestures. Every tiny details including the complicated Mandala below her, were clearly mentioned to us.

And our focus was to portray those intricate details into the thangka, which was 18x24 inches. Initial few weeks were solely dedicated to draw, erase and re-draw the pencil sketch. Finally, we were able to finish this thangka in about 6 months, using the subtle shades of natural stone colors.

maricin, tibetan thangka

Marici,18x24 inches in Acrylics-2018

Vajrayogini ThangkaVajrayogini

Vajrayogini, The Wisdom Dakini

One of our favorite Vajrayogini thangka, we painted few years back. Snowy-spiked mountains, river flowing through the rocks, grasses, trees, flowers and the Sun and the Moon on the back drop.

Vajrayogini stands beautifully with her bright ruby red body, in contrast to the vivid background. 

bhutadamara thangka

Bhutadamara (Sakya Vajrapani)

We painted this special commission of Bhutadamara thangka very recently for a Sakya monastery in Boudhanath. All the details were clearly mentioned to us. The colors, mudras, postures and expressions, we were clearly instructed to every precise details in thangka. 

This thangka took us about 3 months to complete. Wrathful figures in thangka are comparatively more structured and complex to draw. One has to master this art after years of learning, to portray the sensual, courageous and repulsively gloomy expression of the deity. 

Thangka Paintings

Mahasiddha Tilopa

"Whoever thinks of a drawing or sees a drawing of the bodies of These supreme and great masters, the adepts, will be joyous of mind. Just like these masters who have attained the supreme path towards great enlightenment, It is certain that you will transform completely into Vajradhara. You will achieve the supreme Great Seal, and so doing become a great adept."

Tilopa thangka done with natural stone colors. 

The precise measurement of the figures is essential for the achievement of accurately proportioned figures. However, caution must be exercised not to confuse precision with over-structured stiffness, creating an unnatural and displeasing figure.

machig labdron thangka

Machig Labdron Thangka

Machig Labdron Thangka done in traditional Karma gardi style, one of the commissioned thangka for Lamala Tulku. We also have a detailed description on Mother Machig and her Chod Tradition. To read more on her, please click here.