Guru Rinpoche Thangka, Guru Padamsambhava, High Quality Giclee Canvas Print, Digital Print

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Guru Padamasambhava / Rinpoche Thangka Print in Dudjom Tersar Tradition

Original Size of Thangka ( 30 x 40 inches )

Guru Rinpoche is not only a fully enlightened Buddha, but he has also manifested as one of the greatest sages of the Vajrayana Buddhist world. He was born miraculously and served infinite beings for millenniums through the power of his wisdom and compassion. He manifested Zangdok Palri Pureland and remains there in the body of light.

Twelve years after the Maha Parinirvana of the Buddha, the rays of blessing light of the Buddha of Infinite Light touched a lotus in the Milk Ocean in the Southwest direction from Bodhgaya. As a result, Guru Rinpoche was born miraculously in that lotus by “lotus birth" without human parents.

On top, we have Samantabadra Yabyum with Dudjom Lingpa first and second, the main founding lineage master of Dudjom Tersar. Followed by two female bodhisattvas White Tara and Green Tara.

At the Center, Guru Rinpoche is accompanied by his two chief consort Yeshe Tsogyal and Mandarava. On his right Guru Rinpoche in the form of Urgen Menla. The emanation of health and longevity aspect. And on the left, in the form of Guru Norlha emanation of wealth aspect.

Below three prime Mahakalas of the Nyingma tradition, Rahula, Ekajati, and Dorje Legpa. Also in the thangka, there are many offering Goddesses around.

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