Red Manjushri Thangka | High Quality Giclee Canvas Print | Bodhisattva Manjushree

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Red Manjushri Thangka

Original Size of Thangka ( 52 x 80 inches)
Red Manjushri is another beautiful thangka we have worked in our studio. Nicely done in traditional Karma Gadri style of thangka painting school.  For anyone whether it is a daily activity or spiritual, without wisdom and knowledge we can't perform any basic duty. The basis for survival depends upon our skill or survival knowledge.

In Vajrayana Bodhisattva, Manjushri is highly regarded to dispel all forms of ignorance. The ignorance that hinders our spiritual progress. Getting enlightenment is achieving wisdom. His practice is extensively done by Khenpo, Tulku, Rinpoche, and lay practitioners who are seeking knowledge to penetrate the cloud of ignorance.
THIS IS A HIGH-QUALITY THANGKA PRINT AND CAN BE PRINTED IN YOUR PREFERRED SIZE. This is an inspiring Red Manjushri Print for any practitioner.

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