Exceptionally Detailed Yamantaka Thangka with Yama

The Destroyer of Lord of Death (Yama): YAMANTAKA

 Size: 30X40 inches
Medium: Natural Stone Colors and 24K Gold
Surface:  Handmade Cotton Canvas
Date of Creation:  2021 AD
Time for Making:  Around 6 Months


This meticulously hand painted thangka of Yamantaka was a commissioned received from a Sakya monastery, Tharlam, located in Boudha Stupa. This thangka is displayed for public on some special occassion. 

The extremely complicated iconography of Yamantaka is finely depicted. The top most part of the thangka are drawn Sanchen Kunga Nyingpo and Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo. In between is Manjushri (whose utmost wrathful form is Yamantaka).

As depicted with the ferocious expression, Yamantaka is surround by four other protector deities each riding a specific animal and holding a unique attribute. His complex iconography is portrayed with much clarity and details. The fine lines drawn with 24K gold behind him depicts the perilously blazing fire that surround him. 

Directly below him is lord Yama who was tamed by Yamantaka. 

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