Rare Kalachakra with Consort Vishvamata Thangka with Renitue

Kalchakra in Union with Consort Vishvamata Mandala

 Size: 20x30 inches
Medium: Natural Stone Colors and 24K Gold
Surface:  Handmade Cotton Canvas
Date of Creation:  2023 AD
Time for Making:  Appro. 12 Months


We received the inquiry for commissioning this complex Kalachakra Mandala thangka from a Dharma friend in 2022. Our patron was very clear of all the details and the composition of the thangka. Infact, we were handed a detailed description of each deities, their attributes and position. These are the key factors that are very important while accepting commissioned orders.

Because of the multiple figures and their complex iconographies, it was our recommendation to draw this on a bigger canvas of 20x30 inches with natural stone colors. 

Assembly of The Deities:

Kalachakra mandala sketch

Kalachakra: Vishvamata

The central figure of this thangka is Yidam Kalchakra, in spiritual union with his consort Vishvamata. 

Kalachakra is considered to be one of prominent deity of Vajrayana Buddhism with the most complex and complicated iconography. Hence, drawing this Kalachakra with exact details was our first priority. From his multiples hands: each holding a unique emblem, each face with wrathful demeanour, graciously adorned in ornaments, we have depicted carefully each of these important attributes. 

 The Surrounding Dakini (Shakti):

There are total Shaktis:

  1. Pratipa: Holding eight Yak Tails' Fans in each hands
  2. Shvetadipta: Holding vessels of milk, water, medicinal plants, liqour, nectar, silver plate, immortal fruit and food
  3. Khadyota: Holding eight white Yak tail's Fan
  4. Krishnadipta: Holding incense, sandalwood, saffron, camphor, bell, lotus, flower and a garland
  5. Dhuma: Holding eight Blue/black colored Yak tail's Fan
  6. Raktadipta: Holding Butter lamp, necklace, crown, bracelet, a cloth, sash, precious jewel earrings and anklets
  7. Marici: Holding red colored eight Yak tail's Fan
  8. Pitadipta: Holding a conch,flute, jewel, damaru, guitar, drum, gong and trumpet

On the top of the thangka are respectively (from left to right):

  • Innate Kalachakra
  • Manjushri Namasangati
  • Shakyamuni Buddha

Below them (in the same order) are Dolpopa, Vajradhara, Vajrasattva and Taranatha.

The lower Assembly of Kalachakra Mandala:

The Lower assembly consist of Vajravega in the middle. Black, rather than blue, in colour, he has four faces of the same four colours, but each face is angry. He also has a red right leg and white left leg. He has 24 main hands, holding the same implements as Kālacakra, although these are in wrathful forms where relevant. He wears ornaments either of vajras or bone, and also of snakes (nāgas).

To his left is King Sucandra, (the king of Shambala, a mystical kingdom).

To the Right is Samaya Tara Yogini, dark green in color. She is semi-wrathful in appearance with one face, three eyes and eight hands. The left hands hold a blue lotus blossom with the stem held to the heart, a bow constructed of utpala flowers, a trident and blood filled skullcup supported on the thigh.

An ornate katvanga staff rests against the left shoulder.

Adorned with a tiara of five skulls, gold earrings, bracelets and anklets of bone, she wears a necklace of fifty freshly severed heads and a lower garment of tiger skin tied about the waist with a sash.

On a sun disc and lotus seat with the right leg pendant, the foot resting on a flower blossom, she sits in a relaxed manner surrounded by the brightly burning flames of the fires of pristine awareness.

The Four Emblems:

in each corners of the thangka, there are depicted, four profound emblemes as :

  • Red Wooden Gong
  • Yellow Wish-fulfilling Tree
  • Black Jewel
  • White Conch

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