Chogyal Rinpoche in Refuge Tree Thangka: Exclusively Made

Sakya Masters and lineage holders in  Thangka Painting:

 Size: 40x50 inches
Medium: Natural Stone Colors and 24K Gold
Surface:  Handmade Cotton Canvas
Date of Creation:  2024 AD
Time for Making:  Around 24 Months


 We received the request to make this wonderful assembly of the sakya masters in  April 2022. This exceptionally complex thangka is composed of  Ven. Chogyal Rinpoche in the central, surrounded by many other lineage masters, Buddha, Bodhisattva, Dakini, Dharma Protectors. 

This thangka took almost 2 years to complete for us. From the central figure to the smallest of the small depiction of deities, each of them are carefully drawn with correct emblems, expression and attributes. 

Central Figures: 

In the Centre is the Ven. Chogyal Rinpoche, depicted in his real life picture, wearing a maroon robe and white shawl. He is seated on lotus seat above a lion throne with both of this hands in meditation mudra. In his heart, is depicted Guru Vajradhara in a circle. 

On the top of the thangka, directly above him are Prajnaparamita, Vajradhara,  White Tara, Nagarjuna, Guru Marpha and Barompa. The names of all the masters are written with gold below them. 

Lower Half of the Thangka:

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