Vajranakhi: A Wrathful Female Deity Thangka

Tibetan Thangka of Fearsome Deity, Vajranakhi

 Size: 9x13 inches
Medium: Natural Stone Colors and 24K Gold
Surface:  Handmade Cotton Canvas
Date of Creation:  2024 AD
Time for Making:  Around 3 Months

Vajranakhi also known as Vajranakhika, the deity thangka is portrayed by using stone colors of her wrathful form, symbolizing the triumph over obstacles and ignorance on the path to enlightenment. Vajranakhi's fierce presence is captured as she stands atop sinners, signifying the overcoming of negative forces. Her right arm holds a sword while her left arm wields a vajra dagger, representing her ability to cut through delusion and purify negativity. Adorned with a skull crown, she exudes a formidable energy. This powerful thangka serves as a guide on your journey towards enlightenment, dispelling ignorance and removing obstacles along the way.

Introduction to Vajranakhi:

In Tibetan Buddhism, Vajranakhi, often referred to as Vajra Claws, is a terrifying and strong deity. She is a fierce manifestation of the goddess Vajrayogini and stands for the removal of ignorance and challenges in the way of enlightenment. She represents the transforming force that dispels ignorance and brings about spiritual awareness with her flaming energy and wrathful visage. Vajranakhi is frequently portrayed as having many arms, a ferocious countenance, and decorations made of skulls and flames to symbolize her capacity to shatter illusion and purify negativity. She offers her blessings and aid in their spiritual practices, serving as a strong guardian and guide for practitioners.

Vajranakhi's use in works of art or meditation exercises serves as a reminder of our intrinsic power and resolve to overcome challenges and achieve enlightenment.

Some of the pictures during the painting process:

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