Chenresig-Manjushri-Vajrapani with Karmapa & Sharmapa

Commissioned Thangka of Compassion Bodhisattva Chenresig 

 Size: 20x 30 inches
Medium: Natural Stone Colors and 24K Gold
Surface:  Handmade Cotton Canvas
Date of Creation:  2022 AD
Time for Making:  Around 6 Months


This beautiful mandala of Chenresig thangka was a special commission from Swizterland, with the specific details of the placements of the deities. 

On the top of the thangka are
Karmapa on left and Sharma on right with Buddha Amitabha in the middle top.

In the centre is the Compassion Buddha Chenresig, portrayed with utmost serene expression, seated on the lotus seat. Accompanying him are Wisdom Buddha Manjushri and Vajrapani. 

The lower bottom is the Kagyu Mahakala in wrathful demeanor. 

The scene, color pallets are inspired by Menri Tradition of Thangka Painting. The clouds, lotus, sky and water are depicted with highly vibrant shades. The nimbus surrounding the Chenresig are filled with intricate details with 24K gold. 



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