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24K Gold Plated Sankha

About The Cranch :

This Sankha is handcrafted from copper and plated with 24K gold and silver plating, giving it a radiant and luxurious appearance. The gemstones inlaid on the shell add to its beauty and symbolism, with each gemstone carrying its own meaning and energy. This Sankha is not only a lovely decorative piece, but it also has deep spiritual and cultural meaning.

Introduction to Sankha

In Buddhist worship, the conch shell is used as a trumpet or offertory receptacle and represents Buddha's spoken voice. It is one of the eight lucky Buddhist symbols, reflecting the victory of Buddha's teachings, which spread omnidirectionally like a conch shell's voice. The conch shell is a sign of power, authority, and sovereignty; its sound is thought to ward off evil spirits, prevent natural disasters, and frighten away dangerous creatures.
Size: 7 cm(Height) and 26 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.694 kg
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