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4 Armed Chenresig

About Our Statue :

Our miniature figure of the deity Chenrezig was machine-carved from a copper body and then gilded with 24k pure gold. The most respected Bodhisattva, often known as the 'one who watches with unflinching eyes,' represents all of the Buddha's compassion. The statue's bright pattern was created using acrylic paint, showcasing the statue to a greater extent. This small statue of Chenrezig will make an excellent gift for a practitioner like you.

Introduction To The 4 Armed Chenresig :

Chenrezig is the Compassionate Protector of Tibet and the Compassionate Bodhisattva. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is regarded by Tibetan Buddhists as the earthly embodiment of this compassion Buddha. Chenrezig teaches us that the way to end our suffering is not to run away from it, but to work through it with compassion for ourselves and others, and to embrace all sentient things with the mercy and love of our hearts.


Size: 3.9"/10cm (Height) x 2.7"/7cm (Base)
Weight: 0.166 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings


How do take care of your statues?

  • Place them at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Make sure that the area where your statue is placed is completely free of moisture and dust.
  • Place it at the highest place on your altar after being consecrated by Lama/monks. The best practice is to keep them covered inside a glass cabinet.
  • Do not use your bare hands or any objects with a rough surface to wipe the face. Directly touching with the bare hand objects can smudge the face, leaving scratches.