5 Buddha Thangka Painting Set for Spiritual Growth | Hand Painted Traditional Thangka

SKU: 5259SBuddhaSetT


Traditional Five Buddhas Thangka Artwork

The depiction of the Five Buddhas holds profound significance in Buddhist iconography, representing different aspects of enlightenment and spiritual qualities. Each of the Five Buddhas—Vairocana, Shakyamuni, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha, and Amoghasiddhi—manifests distinct attributes such as wisdom, compassion, generosity, and fearlessness. Together, they symbolize the complete realization of Buddhahood and the unity of all enlightened qualities. Thangkas portraying the Five Buddhas serve as powerful visual aids for meditation and spiritual contemplation, inviting practitioners to connect with the enlightened qualities they embody. Through the contemplation of the Five Buddhas, devotees seek to cultivate these qualities within themselves and aspire towards the attainment of ultimate liberation and enlightenment.
Size: 18"/46cm (width) x 26"/66cm (height)

Material: 24K Genuine Gold

We do traditional brocade mount upon your request. We send available samples and price details for your final confirmation.

As requested for consecrations/blessings, we can take thangka to Monasteries/Rinpoches from nearby Boudha Stupa. We kindly ask you to offer $50 for the monasteries for blessings/consecration service.