The Infinite Cosmos: A Thangka of Radiant Blue | The Delicate Patterns of a Blue Mandala Thangka | Tibetan Buddhist Art|

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The Infinite Cosmos: A Thangka of Radiant Blue

Radiant Blue Mandala Thangka" offers a captivating journey into the world of meditation and spirituality. This exquisite Thangka, adorned with a radiant blue mandala, beckons the seeker to delve into their inner self and embrace the serenity within. As the viewer gazes upon the intricate patterns and shades of blue, a sense of calmness and mindfulness envelops them. The mandala, a symbol of unity and the universe, serves as a visual anchor for meditation, helping individuals connect with their deeper selves and the greater cosmos. It is an invitation to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, offering a tranquil oasis in the midst of life's chaos, and an opportunity to attain inner peace through contemplation and spiritual practice.

Size: 35"/88.9cm (width) x 35"/88.9cm (height)

We do traditional brocade mount upon your request. We send available samples and price details for your final confirmation. 

As requested for consecrations/blessings, we can take thangka to Monasteries/Rinpoches from nearby Boudha Stupa. We kindly ask you to offer $50 for the monasteries for blessings/consecration service.