Amitayush With White Tara and Namgyalma Canvas Print | High Quality Giclee Canvas Print

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Amitayush with White Tara and Namgyalma Thangka Print, Buddhist Digital Print

Original Size of Thangka ( 16 x 24 Inches )

Amitayush is also known as Amitabha Buddha. He is the embodiment of the enlightened speech of all the buddha. His practice is also known as Pure land Buddhism. He is usually known for his longevity attribute.

In this thangka, Amitayush is placed at the center seated in the meditation posture, his hands resting in his lap holding a begging bowl of an ordained Buddhist monk. His body is fully red in color. White Tara and Namgyalma are placed in the right and left bottom of the thangka print respectively.

This high-quality thangka print can be printed in your preferred size. This inspiring Buddhist art would be a great gift for a practitioner like you!

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