Ashtamangala Mandala Set | Handmade Tibetan Art | Antique Mandala Set

SKU: 29TK6MandalaB


Traditional Mandala Set handcarved with Ashtamangala

Another beautiful traditional mandala set from our collection, made of mercury and partly gold, is delightfully hand-carved with lovely Ashthamangala carvings.

Mandala offering sets are a staple in the lives of Buddhist followers. Mandala offerings provide a significant planning to everyday reflection. Practitioners require mandala sets to help them balance the outer world with their inner mind. Especially used in conjunction with other meditative tools, the mandala set can grant the illusive virtues of wisdom and merit to devotees.

The higher the value of the offerings, the higher degree of merit one will achieve. Also, the higher the quality of one’s visualizations during the meditation will bring about greater merit. Once the mandala set is filled, one may raise the entire piece over his or her head, symbolizing their willingness to sacrifice the entirety of existence in order to aid others in attaining enlightenment. Through this sacrifice, one will gain both wisdom and merit. At the end of practice, one should visualize benevolent deities transforming into a white light and entering the soul of the practitioner.

Size: 39 cm(Height) and 28 cm(Base)
Weight: 1.882 kg