Tibetan Bodhisattvas Thangka | Chenrezig. Manjushri and Vajrapani

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Three Bodhisattvas Thangka | Chenrezig, Manjushri & Vajrapani 

Experience the profound presence of the Bodhisattvas, Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion, at center-right of this exquisite thangka. Seated on a lotus seat, adorned with jeweled ornaments, Avalokiteshvara emanates boundless love and compassion, with his four arms holding sacred symbols of compassion. In the top left corner, the majestic figure of Manjushri, the bodhisattva of transcendent wisdom, sits in serene poise, wielding a sword that cuts through ignorance and a lotus symbolizing the blossoming of wisdom. At the bottom left, we catch sight of Vajrapani, the embodiment of power and strength, brandishing a vajra, signifying unyielding determination. These divine beings collectively inspire and guide, fostering compassion, wisdom, and inner strength in your spiritual journey

Size: 18"/45cm (width) x 24"/60cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Stone Colors, Genuine 24K Gold

Note: Three Bodhisattva Thangka is an original painting from Enlightenment Studio located at Boudha Stupa.

Chenrezig is the earthly embodiment of the eternal Buddha Amitabha, whose figure is depicted in his headdress. He guards the world between the departure of the historical Buddha, Gautama, and the appearance of the future Buddha, Maitreya. Shipwrecks, fire, assassins, robbers, and wild beasts are all protected by Avalokiteshvara. He is the creator of the actual universe, which is the fourth world.

Manjushree embodies Discriminating Wisdom, one of the Enlightened Mind's attributes. Manjushree has the power to see reality as it truly is. He wields the flaming sword of wisdom with his right hand, and with his left, he wields the Prajnaparamita book. Manjuvajra, Manjughosa, Vagishvara, Arapacana, and other names have been given to him. He possesses the highest wisdom among Bodhisattvas in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Because of his eloquent knowledge, he is also known as the Prince of the Dharma.

Vajrapani, holding a Diamond Scepter, is the manifestation of all of the buddhas' boundless power and the first meditational deity in this series to be depicted in a wrathful form. He has a third eye of wisdom in his forehead, and the flames of wisdom energy emanate from his mighty body's pores. The name Vajrapani refers to the Vajra wielder, representing the power of total enlightenment.

This thangka depicts the three popular Bodhisattvas: Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, and Vajrapani. This is to symbolize some of the foundational teachings of the Buddha. It represents compassion, wisdom, and fearlessness, as well as the protection of Dharma.

We are a team of traditionally trained Karma Gadri artists from Boudha Stupa. Our lineage comes from Venerable Master Jamyang Phunshok. Who is from Kham, Eastern Tibet.

We are focused on bringing accurate iconographic thangka, which will be helpful to your practice. 

We do traditional brocade mount upon your request. We send available samples and price details for your final confirmation. 

As requested for consecrations/blessings, we can take thangka to Monasteries/Rinpoches from nearby Boudha Stupa. We kindly ask you to offer $50 for the monasteries for blessings/consecration service.