Buddha Amitabha Pureland Thangka, High Quality Giclee Canvas Print, Digital Print

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Buddha Amitabha Pureland

Original size of the Thangka ( 2 x 3.5 m )

If you are doing any practice related with Amitabha Buddha then this thangka can be your perfect support. On the thangka we have eight close bodhisattvas like Manjushri, Chenrezig, Maitreya, Samantabadra, Kshitigarba, Akashgarbha, Vajrapani, and Sarvanivaranavishkambhin.

Surrounded by Offering Goddesses, Dakas, Dakinis, Buddha Amitabha is shown at the centre of the palace. Finely done with intricate gold details, the artistic work and skill on thangka is amazing.

The original size of the painting is 2.5 mtrs x 3.75 mtrs. It is really big thangka. It took us nearly 18 months to complete the thangka.

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