Buddha Gautama Thangka, Guidance to Your Spiritual Journey | Shakyamuni Buddha

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Buddha Gautama Thangka, Guidance to Your Spiritual Journey

Through this beautiful thangka painting, you can become completely engrossed in the tranquility of Buddha Gautama, the enlightened sage. Shakyamuni epitomizes wisdom and compassion with a calm look and a hand in the Bhumisparsha mudra, lovingly touching the Earth. His aura of profound knowledge and inner calm is captured in this thangka, which was painstakingly painted by hand using acrylic paints on cotton canvas. Displaying this precious work of art will invite his calming influence, promoting inner peace and spiritual awareness. As you meditate and consider Siddhartha's teachings, embrace the essence of his enlightenment.

Size: 9"/22cm (width) x 12"/30cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Genuine 24K Gold, Acrylics Painting

Note: Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka is an original painting from Enlightenment Studio located at Boudha Stupa.

Shakyamuni Buddha, also referred to as "the Buddha," is the actual Buddha and the man who founded Buddhist philosophy. It is believed that each "Kalpa" (Buddhist eon) has its own Buddha, whose teachings vanish when the next Buddha appears. He is thought to have lived around 420 BC and spent the majority of his time teaching the Dharma. 

We are a team of traditionally trained Karma Gadri artists from Boudha Stupa. Our lineage comes from Venerable Master Jamyang Phunshok. Who is from Kham, Eastern Tibet.

We are focused on bringing accurate iconographic thangka, which will be helpful to your practice.

We do traditional brocade mount upon your request. We send available samples and price details for your final confirmation.

As requested for consecrations/blessings, we can take thangka to Monasteries/Rinpoches from nearby Boudha Stupa. We kindly ask you to offer $50 for the monasteries for blessings/consecration service.