Crystal Bhumba Vase | Vintage Crystal Vase | Traditional Altar Offerings

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Crystal Bhumba Vase

This Bhumba Vase is made up of the gold silver with the attractive turquoise small stones. The upper part of vase is made up of gold and lower part is made up of silver. At the middle rims the precious turquoise stones are used. There is covering part from top to buttom in which crystal stones are used. The places where there is gold plated there are different designs which is called as auspicious symbol.

The bhumba, is a ritual vase with a spout used in Tibetan Buddhism rituals and empowerment. It is believed to be, in some contexts, the vessel for the expanse of the Universe.

Water is most important both in Hindu and Buddhist rituals and is always present on the altar in a costly pot or in some other container. The pot whose shape is just like a flat shape jar with a pipe to bring out the water from the pot and which is richly decorated with precious stones and metal is known as Bhumba.


Size: 24cm(Height) and 14cm(Base)
Weight: 1.564 kg