Dzambhala | Wealth Deity Thangka | Vajrayana Canvas Print

SKU: 18682


Dzambhala Painting, Himalayan Buddhist Thangka Print

Original Size of Thangka ( 30 x 40 Inches )

Dzambhala is most well-known for being a Buddha of Wealth. His practice can help us gain the ultimate attainment of Enlightenment. His practice can also bring us spiritual wealth and personal growth to become better people.

Dzambhala carries an arrogant expression on his face and sits in royal posture. He holds a fruit in his right hand to signify that if we follow his practice, we can “bear the fruits” of our efforts to gain spiritual attainments and Enlightenment. In his left hand, he holds a mongoose, which in ancient India stood as an omen of good things to come.

This inspiring Buddhist art would be a great gift for a practitioner like you!

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