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Kapala Set for Buddhist Altar

Our Kapala/Skull cup comes in a set of two. This set is completely handcarved and gold plated for a rich finish. The handcarved details are beautifully detailed by skilled artists based in Patan, Nepal-the artistic city of Nepal.

Known in Sanskrit as Kapala, the Skull Cup is made from the upper oval shape of the human skull. It serves as a tribute to a large number of esoteric gods, mostly wrathful. Choosing the right Kapala as a ritual tool is very important to the success of the ritual.

Kapala contains nectar used to perform higher esoteric rituals. It is used to achieve transcendental thinking and state of mind in a short period of time during higher tantric meditations. It is used to provide Liberation to God and God to ensure their dedication. In Tibetan Buddhism, Kapala, or Skull Cup, is used ceremonially in a variety of ways. For example, Lama can use it as a bowl of altar offerings and fill it with wine or blood as a gift to all the gods of the guardian deity or mandala.


Size: 14 cm(Height) and 7.5 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.254kg