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Mahakala Calendar Art and Craft for Wall Hanging

About Our product:

This Mahakala Calendar Art and Craft for Wall Hanging is one of its kind that will completely transform the look of your wall. It was a handcrafted copper body with gold and silver plating. The Chepu is crafted in the center with the yogini on the four sides inside the frame. The garuda is crafted at the top. The Tibetan stones embedded make it exclusive.

This wall-hanging Calander is finely carved and can be placed at Sacred Place.

Introduction to Mahakala

Mahakala is a powerful protective deity in Tibetan Buddhism, belonging to the class of protector deities known as Dharmapalas. He is revered for his ability to overcome obstacles and bring success and is often depicted as a fierce, black-skinned deity with multiple faces and arms. He is associated with the Buddhist teachings on emptiness and is said to embody the wisdom that cuts through ignorance and delusion. The practice of Mahakala is widely performed by Tibetan Buddhists and can involve reciting his mantra, making offerings, or visualizing him in meditation.
Size: 74cm(Height) and 45cm(Base)
Weight: 3.96 kg

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