Namtoshe with Five Jambala Thangka, Wealth Deities Of Buddhism, Digital Print

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Namtoshe with Five Jambala, Wealth Deities

Original Size of Thangka ( 18 x 24 inches )

Painted in traditional Karma Gadri style, this is a nice thangka of Namtoshe along with 5 Jambala. On top is Buddha Ratnasambhava as a wealthy family lineage head. Vajrapani to avoid all negativities that might come along the Yakshas. In the middle is Namtoshe head of Wealth deities. Surrounded by him is the retinue of five Jambala.

All the attributes and emblems are done according to Buddhist text and iconography. We take delight to share our Namtoshe Jambala thangka with you all.

THIS IS A HIGH-QUALITY THANGKA PRINT AND CAN BE PRINTED IN YOUR PREFERRED SIZE. This inspiring Buddhist art would be a great gift for a practitioner like you!

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