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Tibetan Heruka Chakrasamvara Wooden Thangka

About Our Wooden Thangka :

This relief art of Chakrasamvara is a beautiful masterpiece that is handcrafted with attention to detail. The art is set on a wooden ply background, and the deity is sculpted with clay. The fiber border provides a protective frame for the artwork, and the intricate design adds to the beauty of the piece. The Chakrasamvara deity is a symbol of compassion and wisdom, and the art is a perfect addition to any meditation space or home altar. This relief art is a great way to connect with the divine energy of Chakrasamvara and deepen your spiritual practice.

Introduction To Chakrasamvara

Chakrasamvara is the principal meditational deity of the mother tantras. He appears to be standing on a sun disc, encircled by a fiery aura of his luminous understanding. His hands are crossed in the embracing mudra, and the vajra and bell, representing united happiness and nothingness, are held in his hands. In the way of an ascetic yogi, he wears a tiger skin garment. The third eye of wisdom is on his forehead, and his countenance blends rage and passion.
Size: 66.5cm (height) x 51.5cm (width)
Weight:5.80 kg

Why choose Evamratna?

To give your space a peaceful, powerful, and attractive feel, we are introducing Buddhism-inspired home décor items to enliven your space with zen vibes in the form of decoration, an art form, or inspiration.