Tibetan Skull Decor | Channeling the Essence of Mortality

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Tibetan Skull Decor

About Our Skull Head :

With the Tibetan Skull Decor, a beautiful fusion of art and spirituality, explore a realm of mysticism. A flawless crystal stone skull adorned with a silver-plated vajra and a crown made of copper and bronze are the focal points of this handcrafted treasure. This decorative item, weighing 3.09kg, combines the ethereal beauty of crystal with the opulence of silver.

Features of the Tibetan Skull Decor:

  • Handmade Mastery: Every element is carved with precision and dedication by skilled artisans.

  • Crystal Elegance: The central skull, made of crystal stone, radiates clarity and mysticism.

  • Metallic Embellishments: The vajra and crown, crafted from copper and bronze, are plated with gleaming silver, adding to its allure.

  • Substantial Presence: Weighing a solid 3.09kg, the decor exudes both visual and tactile gravitas.

  • Symbolic Resonance: The skull, a representation of impermanence in Tibetan tradition, paired with the vajra and crown, signifies enlightenment and power.

  • Blend of Materials: The contrast between the translucent crystal and lustrous silver creates a harmonious visual palette.

  • Cultural Artifact: This decor piece not only enhances interiors but also stands as an emblem of Tibetan heritage and spiritual teachings.

Size: 22 cm(Height) x 27 cm(Base)
Weight: 3.09 kg
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