Tibetan Vishwavajra Bajra Binding | Buddhist Vajra

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Tibetan Vishwavajra Bajra Binding

Introduction to Tibetan Vishwavajra

Tibetan Vishwavajra stands for the efficiency and indestructibility that overcomes all challenges. In a symbolic sense, Dorje Vajra eliminates ignorance. The bell and vajra, which stand for the masculine and feminine, ying and yang, successful action and compassion, respectively, are frequently utilized in Tibetan Buddhist rites. The two pyramidal heads on the Tibetan Dorje's symmetrical form stand in for Samsara and Nirvana, which are balanced out in its middle by the ring of Emptiness. A Dorje at home might be beneficial in protecting us from the different attacks we experience.

Size: 16 cm(Height) and 32 cm(Base)
Weight:1.258 kg