Traditional Buddhist Rice Pot | Handcrafted Neshi Dhupur | Ritual Objects

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Buddhist Dhupur Rice Offering Pot

Dhupur is the traditional Buddhist ritual rice pot with a vintage antique finish and decorated with motifs inspired by the Eight Auspicious Signs. This is a beautiful handmade Tibetan rice offering bowl made of silver and copper with unique detailing.

A rice bowl is a clear representation of prosperity, sustenance, fertility, and abundance. Thus, a Rice Bowl is reputed to assist you in warding off any evils to the household and at the same time aid you in achieving prosperity both in wealth and happiness in your family life. Mostly seen in hands of the Buddha; traditionally, rice bowls would be used by Buddhist monks to accept offerings offered by people. With the offerings the monks received, normally rice or food or money, they used to survive.


Size: 17 cm(Height) and 10 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.456 kg