Vajravarahi with Frame | Traditional Himalayan Artwork

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Vajravarahi with Frame

About Vajravarahi Frame :

An excellent Vajravarahi specimen embedded in a frame and held by two transparent vacuum plastic. Because of the composting, you can see the Vajravarahi details on both sides. This unique frame is perfect for keeping the deity as you wish, and it's easy to open. Use this adorable tabletop stand to exhibit your prized possessions and add a dash of elegance to your space.

Introduction To The Vajravarahi :

Vajravarahi is a wrathful form of Vajrayogini (associated mainly with the Chakrasamvara Tantra) with more prominent fangs and a more wrathful expression. She prominently displays a sow’s head above her right ear.

Vajravarahi is one of the most popular female Tantric deities in all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Although there are several forms, the basic iconography is that she has one face, (usually) two hands and two legs, is usually red in color, and standing in a dancing posture on a human corpse. The distinguishing iconographic attribute is a sow’s head on either the right side or the top of her head. Because of this sow’s head, sometimes she is called the “two-faced” Vajrayogini.

Size: 3.9"/10cm (Height) x 3.7"/9.5cm (Base)
Weight: 0.040 kg

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