White Tara, Tibetan Thangka, High Quality Canvas, Thangka Print

SKU: 18304


Precious White Tara Thangka, Tibetan Thangka Print

Original Size of Thangka ( 20 x 30 inches )

We are happy to share with you all the Mother White Tara thangka. Nicely done on lavish black and gold background, The work of this thangka is marvelous. White Tara on the center is presented as the main focus point. Along with her Amitayus and Namgyalma is presented to complete the set of long-life deities.

On top, we have Buddha Amitabha, Buddha Shakyamuni, and Maitreya Buddha. She is surrounded by Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Green Tara, Kshitigarbha, and Namtoshe as a prime Bodhisattvas. On the thangka, we have offerings of goddesses, Dakas, and arhat attending mother Tara.

For anyone looking for a long-life White Tara along with prime Bodhisattva, this thangka can be your perfect choice.

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