Buddha Shakyamuni Life Story Thangka, High Quality Thangka Print, Menri style Thangka, Shakyamuni Buddha

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Buddha Shakyamuni Life Story, Tibetan Thangka Print

Sakyamuni Buddha descended to the world to show the right path to the fortunate beings, so that they may attain freedom from the cycle of existence. He practiced all kinds of Bodhisattva's activities to attain perfect enlightenment. He traveled teachings for the benefit of all sentient beings traveling from one place to another till the end of his life.

The Prajñāpāramitā is the central teaching of Lord Buddha which contains two major beliefs namely Prajñā (wisdom) and Upāya (method). In this Sūtra, he explains explicitly the emptiness, the realization of the emptiness is an exact antidote to the deception of self as well as the phenomena which is the root cause of cyclic existence. In the same way, this Sūtra outlines implicitly the different stages of the path to Buddhahood which is the final goal of the sentient beings. It means that one must practice the wisdom and method together to attain enlightenment.

On the thangka major events of Buddha from his birth till Parinirvana are depicted. Buddha Shakyamuni in the center is shown being attended by Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Offering Goddesses, Yakshas, Nagas. This is a fine thangka painting showing elements of the traditional Menri style.

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