5 inches Mandala for Offering | Handcarved Buddhist Offering Set

SKU: 13TK5MandalaB


Handcarved 5" Mandala for Buddhist Offering

Richly decorated rice offering Mandala set is completely handmade and plated with pure gold extracted from mercury-free gold extraction method. Our Mandala set comes with a stemmed base/stand which is richly carved with auspicious Buddhist symbols and beautiful engraving patterns. The detailing is very precise and done with utmost dedication to offer your our best results.

The main purpose behind a mandala and any other offering is for the purpose of purification(cleansing of all the negative karma we have done in the past, the negative mindset) and to accumulate merit. When your mind feels stuck and all your negative attitudes arise, that is when the practice of Mandala offering helps. As we are making a mandala offering, we are offering something physical with our mandala plate and the base. At the same time, we're verbally making the offering by chanting the praayer, Om Mani Padme Hum.


Size: 36cm(Height) and 23cm(Base)
Weight: 1.358kg