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8 Auspicious Symbols, Tibetan Buddhism

The 8 Auspicious Symbols in Buddhist customs incorporate a Parasol, a Conch shell, a Treasure vase, a Victory banner, a Dharma wheel, a pair of Golden fish, an Endless knot, and a Lotus flower. These symbols are broadly utilized in numerous staffs from models to ceremonial things to mini decor items as well. They may even be found in furnishings, metalwork and rugs as embellishing subtleties.

In Tibetan tradition, the eight auspicious symbols identifie as framing the body of the Buddha, with the parasol representing his head, the golden fishes his eyes, the lotus his tongue, the treasure vase his neck, the wheel his feet, the victory banner his body, the conch his speck, and the endless knot his mind.

In Hinduism, they are recognised as Ashthamangala, which aslo holds deep spiritual significance. Ashtamangala is commonly used at the entryway above the door, by Hindu practitioners to protect from negative spirits and attract positive energy at home, and for the same reason at work or office space as well.

These images become simple ornaments of decoration, wonderful frames and decor items without its profound worth. One ought to think about the meaning of the Eight Auspicious Symbols and consider their importance, prior to involving them in your space.
Size: 25cm/9" (Height) X 10cm/3" (Base)
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