Antique Mandala Set | Ritual Item | Offering Mandala Set | Handcarved Offering Set

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Mandala Set, Traditional Set

Mandala is a representation of the universe. It is placed on the shrine as an offering of the universe to the Buddhas. This Mandala Set is made of from copper alloy which is beautifully hand carved with beautiful images. The mandala represents the naturally balanced nature of the outer world and the inner mind.

The Mandala has three rings that are built up with rice, scattered with precious stones where possible. The summit represents Mount Meru, the mythical center of the universe. Each layer is filled with offerings until the multi layered mandala is filled with coins, beads, jewels or rice. The ‘universe’ is then offered over the head to show you would give the entirety of existence to help others attain enlightenment. They are used by practicing Tibetan Buddhists as part of the daily preliminaries to meditation.


Size: 42cm/16" (Height) X 26cm/10" (Base)

Weight: 2.694kg (approximately)