Buddhist Head of Buddha | Hand Carved Head for Meditation and Yoga

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Buddhist Head of Buddha

About our Statue

This Buddhist Head of Buddha is a hand-carved brass statue of the Buddha's head. Skilled artisans use traditional techniques to produce exquisite features and designs on the brass surface of the statue. The statue represents serenity, tranquillity, and knowledge and is frequently used as a decorative piece in homes, offices, and meditation centers. The delicate features on the statue indicate the artist's expertise and perseverance, making it a valuable piece of art.

Introduction to Shakyamuni Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama was born as the crown prince of the mighty Shakya Kingdom and nurtured to be a king in line with his royal father's aspirations. However, when he was around 29 years old, he learned about people's tremendous pain in life. He abandoned his palace life and gave up his magnificent robes and gold to uncover the reasons for this anguish and the methods to alleviate it. After nearly six years of study, self-deprivation, and severe concentration, he achieved his aim. He had attained enlightenment (a Buddha). He claimed to have then proceeded to a deer park in Sarnath (Benares), India, on the outskirts of Varanasi.
Size: 20cm (Height) x 13cm (Base)
Weight: 0.97 kg
How do you take care of your statues?

• Place them at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.
• Make sure that the area where your statue is placed is completely free of moisture and dust.
• Place it at the highest place on your altar after being consecrated by Lama/monks. The best practice is to keep them covered inside a glass cabinet.
• Do not use your bare hands or any objects with a rough surface to wipe the face. • Directly touching with the bare hand objects can smudge the face, leaving scratches.