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Buddhist Rice Offer Bowl

About the Dhupur Rice Pot:

Our traditional Buddhist dhupur rice pot is a beautiful work of art. It is a timeless and elegant item because of the full filigree work, gold plating, and ruby studding. It is a classic component of Buddhist rituals and a representation of prosperity and holiness. Its exquisite design, gleaming gold plating, and priceless ruby stones make it the ideal heirloom item that you can pass down through the years. This Buddhist traditional dhupur rice pot is the ideal option if you're seeking for a genuine and timeless piece.

Introduction To The Dhupur Rice Pot:

The Buddhist rice offer bowl, also called a dhupur, is a historic and revered object used in Buddhist rites and celebrations to present rice to Buddha. It is decorated with elaborate patterns and Buddhist symbols that have unique meanings. The rice bowl is a representation of appreciation and generosity in addition to being used for donations. Several civilizations offer rice as a representation of the dharma or the way to enlightenment. Offering rice to Buddha is a manner of demonstrating respect for and gratitude for the Buddha's teachings.
Size: 16cm (Height) x 12cm (Base)
Weight: 0.586 kg

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