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Chenresig Calendar Thanka

About Our Product:

This Chenresig Calendar Thanka is a masterpiece of artistry and devotion, meticulously handcrafted on a copper body and adorned with a silver-plated finish. The intricate details and symbols on this thanka reflect the profound spiritual significance of Chenresig, the embodiment of compassion. Each element, from the carefully rendered symbols to the intricately crafted mantra, serves as a visual representation of the teachings and blessings associated with this revered Bodhisattva. The combination of skillful craftsmanship and deep spiritual intention creates a tangible connection to the teachings and ideals embodied by Chenresig. This Thanka not only offers an aesthetic delight but also serves as a meditative focal point, inviting contemplation and connection to the compassionate essence of Chenresig.

Size: 29cm(Height) x 34.5cm(Base)
Weight: 0.45 kg

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