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Copper Serkyem Set

About Our Ritual Item

Introducing the Copper Serkyem Set, a revered offering set crafted entirely from copper with an antique finish. This exquisite set pays homage to tradition and spirituality, offering a tangible connection to the timeless rituals of reverence.

The lustrous copper body, aged to perfection with an antique finish, not only exudes an aura of authenticity but also adds a touch of historical allure to your sacred space. Its elegant design and the patina of age create a bridge between the present and the past, allowing you to infuse your ceremonies with the charm of bygone eras.

The Serkyem Set is more than just an object; it's a vessel for devotion and gratitude. It serves as a means to present offerings such as water, tea, or other sacred substances during your ceremonies, providing a direct link to the age-old traditions that continue to inspire your spiritual journey.

Elevate your ceremonial moments with the grace and authenticity of the Copper Serkyem Set. Let its timeless beauty and antique charm guide you on a journey of reverence and self-discovery. Order your set now and embrace the depth of tradition and spirituality in your daily practice.

Introduction to Serkyem

The Serkyem, also known as Golden Drink, is part of the Dharma Protector's practice. In Tibetan, Ser means "golden," and Kyem means "beverage."

It is offered by pouring the beverage into a cup-like wine glass and placing it into a lower bowl. The beverage is poured into the cup during the offering, where the liquid overflows into the lower bowl. The symbol of the overflowing liquid is highly auspicious because it represents an abundant flow of merits.

Size: 14.5cm(Height) x 13cm(width)
Weight: 0.42 kg

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