Fine Detailed Mandala Set | Zen Buddhist Objects and Symbols | Ritual Items

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Fine Detailed Mandala Set, Zen Buddhist Decor

This 4 inch Mandala Set is made of silver and copper which is a fine detailed, beautifully hand-carved with auspicious Buddhist symbols. The carving details are done very finely and you can see the unique details even at the base of the Mandala.

You can place this mandala set in your shrine as an offering. The Mandala used should be of highest quality one can afford. You can fill the three rings with jeweled rice. Tibetan Buddhist practitioners offer Mandala as part of their daily preparation for meditation.

The iconography of Mandala can be quite complex. They are usually square and symmetrical with a series of concentric circles. The middle point is the home of the inhabitant divinity, from whom the Mandala is recognized. The line is drawn from the center to the intersection, forming a circle and a square. The completed mandala has four gates that symbolize the culmination of four virtues: compassion, tenderness, empathy, and calm.
Size: 29 cm (Height) and 12.5 cm(Base)
Weight: 1.006 kg