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Handcrafted Kapala Skull Cup

About Our Ritual Item :

Our kapala is elegantly hand-carved and plated with silver. It consists of skull representing the skull cup. Likewise, flowers are carved in the kapala meaning renewal and spirit, and spiral meaning a symbol of movement, the renewed zeal of life through spiritual contact, and subconscious healing energies of your inner self respectively.

The kapala will be a marvelous inclusion to your home decor.

Introduction To The Skull Cup :

Kapala is a cup made of a human skull, frequently offered by worshipers of the fierce Tantric deities of Hindus and Buddhists. In Tibet, the skull cup is displayed on the Buddhist altar and is used to offer to the ferocious Dharmapala divinities either wine, which symbolizes blood, or dough cakes, which are shaped to resemble human eyes, and ears, etc. It offers liberation to gods and deities to ensure their devotion. In Tibetan Buddhism, the Kapala or Skull Bowl is used ritually in several ways.
Size: 12 cm(Height) and 20 cm(Base)
Weight: 1.96 kg

How to set up your own Buddhist Shrine?

• Find a clean, quiet, and uncluttered spot
• Set up an altar table, cover it with an altar cloth that calls to you
• Place your sacred item at the center