Ghau Box | Tibetan Handcarved Prayer Box | Mini Buddhist Souvenir

SKU: 159TNTeasureBox


Tibetan Ghau Box, Fully Carved with 24K Gold

This traditional Tibetan Ghau box is beautifully hand-crafted with the Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism giving providing its own symbolizations. This gold-plated treasure box makes an incredible addition to your home decor and a lovely gift to your loved ones.

The Tibetan dragon ghau box is traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists as a shrine to hold and carry sacred objects along with other holy objects or blessed items. Ghaus were traditionally kept in custom-made silk pouches and carried close to the heart by the nomadic Tibetans during their travels as a source of protection and blessings.

Ghau is a portable shrine in which an image of the owner's personal deity is kept wrapped in silk cloth. At home, it is kept on altar but when traveling it is fastened at the cross belt. Generally, Ghau has trefoil shapes to and a window in the middle through which one can see the personal deity. Ghau is made of two parts which fit together to form a box. The back is usually left plain and the front is richly decorated.


Size: 11cm(Height) and 12cm(Base)
Weight: 0.248kg