Gold Offering Bowls | Nepal Crafts | Tibetan Offering Bowl

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Gold Offering Bowls handcarved with Tibetan Symbols

Gold Offering Bowl, beautifully handcrafted with auspicious Buddhist symbols and fantastic detail making it an incredible addition to your ritual altar.

You can place these 7 bowls of offerings in your shrine and fill them with water every day to accumulate virtues and merit. This is a way to seek God's guidance through prayer, confession, weakness, and celebrating the goodness of all things. The ritual also includes removing the bowls at the end of each day, after offering, any time before sunset.

The significance of making an offering is purely to encourage generosity and to be free from the pain of selfishness and greed. Offering Bowls are the most widely recognized offering in Tibetan Buddhist places of worship.


Size: 7cm(Height) and 8cm(Base)
Inner Depth:5 cm
Weight: 1.668kg